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I absolutly love this website, such a neat idea. My daughter loves to be on the computer and reading is like pulling teeth around here but with this approach she would be hooked!!!! Plus with the comprehension quiz and the activities to go with it -- that will make it so much more fun and ingaging for her and momma doesn't have to make up the comprehension test anymore. YEAH!!! Something else I love about the program is the fact that I can have my other kids on there as well... my 4 year old would get a kick out of listen to a story online plus he's a boy and his is gonna love the rocket thing.

Thanks so much for this awesome resource....!!!
I really like Raz-kids. My son really enjoyed being able to read so any books.My daughter who is 4, and just learning to read likes that she can listen to the book first, and then try to read it herself.
This will be wonderful for my son who is bored with his reading book.
We have been using raz-kids for a year now. My kids love it. I love how they can listen to the book, read it, and then it tests for comprehension. My kids love building their alien world. My five-year-old is reading on an end of first grade level because of raz-kids and the other learning a-z websites. The information in the books is unbelievable in the upper grades. My third grader will read the books to me so that I can hear her read and the information she is gathering from the non-fiction books is incredible. I love the mix of fiction and non-fiction. It's a great program and well worth the money. I wish they would give homeschoolers a break on price, but honestly, well worth the money.
We have also been using the readinga-z, writinga-z, and sciencea-z websites for the last year and a half. They are very well put together. I like the writinga-z's daily mini-lessons to start off our day. They also have great lesson plans for doing writing that if you have 2 kids at different levels, you can do it with both and keep them at their levels without having to do two separate lessons. That's been really nice. The readinga-z's reading comprehension tests are great as well. They really let you know what level your child is reading and what they are struggling with. The sciencea-z makes learning science easy for me and fun for the kids. The learninga-z programs are really well put together. I contemplated buying them again this year, but I am so glad I did. Well worth the money and saves so much time. You won't need any other reading, writing or science curriculum if you use these. They work for so many grade levels as well. I only with they had math!
This is a great site. I enjoy how you can set your readers reading level and the number of nonfiction selections is great.
Love this website. Its amazing. I love the readers and the lesson plans that go along with them. I also like their writing program. Its what I've been looking for, for a very long time.
I'm excited about the prospect of finding books online that will be fun to read and help with comprehension. My girls just read too much, too fast, for me to keep up providing enough interesting, stimulating and child-safe books.
Oh, we just love Raz-Kids bookroom! We explored some of the books at open house that they offered so far. We planned to make a subscription, but never did till now, so, all of us would be very happy to have one. We are not native English speakers, but our girls enjoy those on-line books, take the comprehension quiz and the activities to go with them and love to collect the stars. They pick up new words just like that. Thank you for this amazing resource!!!!
I think the neatest part of Raz-Kids (from the free trial) Is the way you can pick and choose levels for your kids, and how they track progress for you. Fun!
I also signed up for the free trial to Reading a-z. I love the fact that the readers are printable! I don't know about you, but a book just isn't a BOOK unless there is paper involved. :D
We like to read and listen to online English books. It is interactive and good for practicing reading.


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